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Curriculum Vitae EN

Curriculum vitae
Parra Federico- Was Born in Pisa 09-07-1970
Codice fiscale: PRRFRC70LO9G702J
Resident: in via M.L.King 2 Fiumaretta 19030 Ameglia SP
Patente: classe A/B n.PI2261686L cell 338-7944887
Tel segr.uff.0187-648896

: Hauler P.iva 01896300462

Work Experience:

From 1986 to 2012 Entrepreneur in the transport sector
With a national License P.Iva 01896300462 .
Register registration number transporters SP3602209/E .
Self-Employed for 26 years,
In the publishing industry.


Year 1983: Licensed Middle school Toniolo Pisa.
Year 1984-1985: studies at school
Magistrale G.Carducci Pisa.(Interrupted)
Year 1990: Military 1-1-1990- Leave 1-1-19991.

Knowledge of lenguages:

English III base level... Spanish basic level I
Computer skills
Knoweledge of MS Office-word exel etc...
Photoshop and any Editing program.
Creating graphics with Paint and/or Photoshop.


One partner and one daughter (15-07-2000).


Sports, Running, Gym, Yoga, Diving ( PADI Advance Patent).
Movies, Music, Books , Photography, Art.


Available for Work abroad.

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